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Do you feel the urge to take on a higher responsibility to move the world towards love?

Being a Love Warrior is a calling, a calling of the heart.

A Love Warrior intuitively knows that Love is the strongest force in the world to bring about positive change. And because a Love Warrior is a woman or man of action, she or he is ready to walk the talk and act.

The commitment to be an agent of change is not more than you can handle, but nonetheless, it is a commitment.

Change doesn’t happen when we just talk. And from our side, we treasure and honor people who are willing to give time and energy to make a difference for our planet and for humanity. In our movement, we call such people of action “Love Warriors”.

Not everyone is a Love Warrior. But everyone who wants to be can become one.


Because you‚

… care about Mother Earth

… care about the well-being of humanity

… care about all living beings

… care about the people around you

… love to spread Love

… believe that change starts with you

… believe in the power that comes when many connect

… get access to an empowering personal training

… get into the middle of the action of the Earth Meditation Movement

… meet other Love Warriors (from all around the world)


We invite everyone who wants to support the Earth Meditation Movement to contact us and become a Love Warrior.

We are constantly looking for people who are action-orientated in order to manifest the amazing journey that has started.

If you have a good idea and a plan to implement it, contact us.


Please fill out this form if you want to become a Love Warrior.


If you answer YES to the following questions, you qualify to become a Love Warrior

You participated in the Earth Meditation Movement and did the Earth Meditation at least 10 times

You see the Earth Meditation Movement as a powerful way to help humanity and spread Love

You share similar values to us and want to uplift Mother Earth and humanity

You want to connect to a worldwide community of conscious people

You want to spread the Earth Meditation Movement and invite your family, friends and new people to experience the Earth Meditation and support the Earth Meditation Movement

You can commit to a specific workload of 2-3 hours per week over a period of 3 months

You agree to the Earth Meditation Movement “code of conduct”

How to proceed, after your positive self-assessment?

Please sign in here and someone from the Earth Meditation Movement team will contact you within 48h

We will be there to support you through the process.

What we will provide

Introductory workshop

Training (if needed) to strengthen your capacities to communicate the Earth Meditation Movement

Support system and access to senior Love Warriors with whom you can share questions, ideas, etc.

Materials and supporting resources to use (images, flyers, guidelines, etc.)

Opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people from around the world