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Hello, my name is Swami Kurunandha. I grew up in Switzerland and now I live in Germany.

I used be called Stephan and I was an entrepreneur and internet pioneer before life guided me into something unimaginable, yet something that felt so natural. I found my life purpose as a modern monk, and I have been helping others to discover their life’s deeper journey for more than 15 years now.

Last year I realised that we are in the middle of unprecedented times. Humanity and the world are going through major transformations on personal levels and on global levels.

During the first lockdown in the spring of 2020 I strongly felt the need to do something. I did not want to be passive towards the challenges that humanity and our wonderful planet is facing.

Turning inwards, meditation always gave me peace and clarity. Ultimately, it has brought a transformation and empowerment, not just to me, but to so many people around me too.

So I started to look for something simple, yet powerful; something universal that anyone could feel comfortable with and be uplifted by.

During that time my spiritual master Paramahamsa Vishwananda happened to perform a series of simple meditations ending with a few minutes given to our planet and humanity, called the “Earth Meditation”. A similar type of earth meditation had already been a popular part of some of our spiritual practices for a few years, but it was never that obvious that it could also be practised on its own. That is until last year, when Paramahamsa Vishwananda conducted it daily for around two months with over 1,000 people participating live each time. It was there that it “clicked”.

What if we could inspire even more people across the globe to experience what we were experiencing? What could that do for our planet and for humanity? 

So I decided to take a vulnerable step forward towards, not just our followers, but towards everyone. Towards you. And to share the simple daily practice which has already helped thousands of people.

We have all heard that solutions to our problems lie within us. Within you and me.

When we face a global challenge, we need to tap into the solution together as a global family.

Over the following months of 2020 our cosmopolitan team of six members found each other. 

Myself, 3 men and 3 women, from six different European countries, from different cultural backgrounds, different families, some with and some without children, came together. 

We were all connected by the aim of wanting to make a significant difference for our planet and so we came up with an ambitious plan: to make one million people do the Earth Meditation at least once over a period of 24 months. 

We felt the need to invest our precious time into something meaningful. Not just for us or for planet Earth, but for our children, for our future...

Having had experience with the Earth Meditation, we felt the energy between our hands and inside of our beings. We started to envision how we could make a difference not only for ourselves, but for others too. A lot of others. To create a unique commUNITY where you and I could directly experience benefits from the comfort of our homes, and share that goodness further to others, to all of planet Earth.

A small gesture can create a powerful healing wave around the world when performed by many of us. It is so simple. Give a little love for a few minutes every day… to yourself, your family, your town, humanity, nature and planet Earth.

The most important medicine to heal anything is love.

So many people talk about love and so many books have been written about it. But how do we really live it practically?

By focusing on it. A few minutes every day will manifest a difference in your life. When you express gratitude and love towards Earth and all that she represents, it activates a healthier and more loving attitude inside of you and with that, your quality of life improves. When you start feeling better, it will eventually influence the people around you too.

You have the opportunity to let go of things inside of you every day, and also to put things inside of you every day. It is your choice what you take and what you give. And that will impact your surroundings.

Our mission became clear: to nurture that goodness that we all carry inside, to unite everyone, to build bridges, to share love and to multiply love together.

We found the unity that allows us to grow and evolve amongst each other. Just by working on this project and participating in the Earth Meditation made us better people, and happier too. And you can experience that, too. We can all do it collectively; together for a better future.

We see the movement and the Earth Meditation as a gift and an opportunity to serve something larger than ourselves. Humanity, despite its shortcomings, has so much goodness to offer deep down. 

This is the medicine that our minds and our lives have been waiting for, and in this community, we can all support each other through this healing process. Moreover, we get into the right peaceful and positive mindset which is needed to direct us all towards more positive and realistic actions.

The real change starts within us first. Each of us carries the key that can unlock the wave of positive changes. Each of us is part of a bigger puzzle called humanity, nature, world, planet Earth.

Our time is now.

To be part of something larger than ourselves. To create a supportive community. The Earth Meditation Movement. For the sake of humanity. For you and for me.


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