Why I joined the Earth Meditation Movement


Change can become progress.

In the past, we have heard a lot about change, but reflecting on the current state, what has really happened? Did things actually change? Has there been fundamental progress? Or were all these big promises just empty verbiage, disguised negotiations? 

And what’s our conclusion? What should our effective focus be, to sustainably invest trust and energy?

Perhaps it’s time to focus our intention on the world we want to live in, instead of fighting the old. Perhaps it’s time to focus on a planet and a society that we would have liked to come across when we joined this unique experience of life, to overcome individual and collective so-called vicious cycles.

In times of separation, what is it that finally supports us to establish a community, and find affiliation within it?

Crises challenge belief systems and guide us to discover our commonalities and inner strengths. They can bring out the best in us.

We are one in our aspiration for happiness, balance and well-being. And how can we truly achieve that but through ourselves?

The Earth Meditation empowers each individual to strengthen what holds us together at the core. It aligns us in a global movement that encourages us to move forward.

Practice Unity

The best things in life are free, but cannot be taken for granted. Besides the gift of life itself, this also includes the basic values of the heart. And on that level, we are all equal. Sometimes, although we tend to forget this, we are free to remind ourselves of our similarities that do not undermine our uniqueness but actually substantially enhance them.

The Earth Meditation Movement has the power to connect people with themselves, with each other and with Mother Earth, while deepening those connections fundamentally. The heartfelt testimonials that we have received from meditators across the world, is a testament to those deepening connections. 

Just 4 minutes of focused devotion concretely transforms inactive or random intentions into powerful, laser like expressions of life, affecting oneself and one’s surroundings, nurturing our collective spirit.

Who, if not you? When, if not now?

Growth starts with accepting responsibility. We have experienced the results of devolving power over and over again. It's very obviously time to make a new decision, to gently nudge our free will in a fresh direction.

At this turning point in history, humanity as a whole has been given the opportunity to prove maturity by offering back a little of what each of us has been lent so generously, by naturally becoming the missing link and smoothly completing the circle of life.

How beautiful that it takes just 4 minutes of your time, coupled with a state of readiness and a willing openness. Let’s reconnect, each and every one of us, and move forward, benefiting our community and Mother Earth.

When change becomes progress, it’s called evolution.

Because we are the Earth Meditation Movement.

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