HANA GROBLER 2021-06-19

Earth is not just the nature around us or everything on the outside. She is inside of us too. We are all parts of her. We are the pieces of the puzzle called Earth.
She feels us; she feels everything. Earth is a living being; she is you and me.

She is like our mother taking care of us every minute of every day; providing us air to breathe, food to eat, shelter to sleep and so much more.

The connection with the mother is vital. She has always been here. 

Sometimes it feels like she is the most patient mother waiting for her children to awaken, to realise the powerful connection to her and nurture it back. 

What did I learn from her?

Planet Earth became my teacher. She showed me that I need to stay present and simply perform my duty patiently and lovingly.

So many things are happening in our lives and often we get distracted from the here and now. Yet it is so simple. A small act of kindness done with love every day will make a difference.

Nature is always giving. Trees give fruits and shade freely to everyone. They don’t ask for anything in return. They are here to share.
Earth showed me the art of giving and receiving with grace. The art of simple joys.

At the beginning of this project I was inspired to join by sharing this simple meditation which can enter everyone’s home and unite all types of people and cultures.
I was concerned about planet Earth but I didn’t feel a strong connection to her. I simply thought that it was a great idea to include her in my meditation.
As the months went by, I realised my foolishness. 

I realised that as much as I thought I was doing it for others, and for planet Earth, I was receiving greater gifts in return. 

Planet Earth showed me dedication, patience and strength in the way she is constantly  caring for all life. When you look at our planet Earth, she is giving patiently every day, without asking for anything in return. She supports life, evolves through all challenges and forgives in order to move on. Her love for all life on this planet is always here and is given equally to all. 

My relationship with her deepened, and it brought me such calmness, patience and strength,  grounding me in the present.

I have seen nature around me come alive and I feel so empowered by her. My gratitude towards trees, water and the food on my plate increased dramatically too. 

She is the essence of a true teacher. And we can learn and get so much more from her when we start building a relationship with her.


How can you start?

Each of us has a unique place here and a unique way of building our relationship with our planet Earth.

We are all different, yet we are all connected by our Planet Earth, by our Mother. 

Loving awareness and understanding leads to change. Individual change leads to collective progress. But it all starts within. 

It's actually very simple. Invest a few minutes of your day thinking of her. Giving and receiving. Sharing works both ways and that is the beauty of building a deep relationship. 

And whatever we give our planet Earth , she gives back to us, multiplied.   

Play the meditation audio or watch the video, calm down and focus your attention on her. Just a little bit of awareness, some love and gratitude. She deserves it; and you deserve it too. 

The beauty of developing and nurturing a relationship with her should be experienced by everyone. 


Hana Grobler

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